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Living with a food allergy, intolerance or a restrictive diet is often difficult.

At home in your own kitchen it can be managed.

But what about in restaurants, while travelling or at functions?

Or how should children communicate their alleriges or intolerances in kindergarten, at school and birthday parties?

For these and other problems there is a solution:

The DELICARDO Foodcard

Avoid elaborate explanations and requests while dining with a DELICARDO foodcard containing all of your dietary do's and don'ts.

Keep people informed about what you canít eat, foods that may contain allergens and foods you can eat without risk of an allergic reaction with this precise and discrete card.


Homepage - The DELICARDO Foodcard homepage

Foodcard Catalogue - Here you will find a selection of standard foodcards at reasonable prices

Foodcard Configurator - Here you can personalise your DELICARDO Foodcards to suit your combinations of allergies, intolerances and dietary restrictions

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